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The Science Behind the Science


"20 years of experience, combined with the latest technology "


Custom Orthotics will allow the feet, legs and pelvis to function biomechanically more efficient. They will also help increase stability and function to your feet and lower extremities.  They will also efficiently alleviate pressure points, decrease pain & help with degeneration of the ankle, knee and hip joints. We also use orthotics to treat specific pathologies such as bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, Metatarsalgia, shin splints, tendinitis, Morton's Neuroma and arthritis.  Our goal at B.P.O is to eliminate your pain, help heal your injury, and allow you to perform at your peak potential.


Assessment Process is achieved by gathering data and taking a series of 20 scientific & podiatric measurements. We also use the latest in technology by the use of the Tech-Scan. This device illustrates plantar pressures exhibited by the feet. It is also used for the ski boot alignment process.


Orthotic Protocol  is based on the information gathered in the client assessment process.  At B.P.O. we have over 10 different custom orthotics to accommodate all foot shapes. We fabricate all orthotics in house and it takes about an hour.


Ski Boot Selection  can be a daunting task if not done by a professional. Our extensive product knowledge makes this process very easy. There are hundreds of ski boots on the market, but only a few that will match up to your specific foot shape and performance level. We can normally get your orthotics fabricated and ski boots aligned in a two hour appointment.


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